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Yes I’m talking about free fuck sites and that’s where I met Rebecca. Rebecca was a tutor there
and she basically was my overall tutor. I didn’t really need much help with Math and Science
and all that shit because I got that shit on lock. English, Humanities, History, that is the kind of
stuff that was really puzzling to me because it required a certain type of attention. If it’s
anything having to with numbers, I can knock that shit out of the park.

So, she was trying to tutor me but basically I was just too fixated on her big tits. She’s had like
this huge 38 DD tits. I mean, it’s like having an extra pair of eyes looking at you while you’re
trying to look at her straight in the eyes and pay attention to whatever the fuck she was saying.
So, it was really hard to concentrate, but she was able to get me to think differently about
English. Since I tend to look at things in terms of relationships and spatial structures, she had
me look at stories, plot lines, and themes in terms of mathematical equations.

So, I hooked up with this one chick, Kelly, and at first it was really cool. I mean, we would just
meet for sex. That was what the website is all about. It’s all about people who are ready, willing,
and eager to have anonymous sex and at first, she was with the program. She just showed up at
the right time, gave up the pussy, sucked my dick. We had a good time and she was gone. I
couldn’t ask for anything more.

The problem is after I banged her a few times and got her to orgasm at least five times back to
back, she got all weird on me. She started thinking that I’m her boyfriend. She started getting all
emotionally clingy. That really freaked the fuck out of me and it got so bad that Valentine’s Day
was basically a living nightmare for me.

I mean, we’re talking about a week before Valentine’s Day and the day itself, and then a week
after that. It was bullshit and she kept sending me like stuffed toys, cards and all sorts of tokens
of her bullshit affection and it was making me sick. You know, I have an ex-wife that I’m paying
alimony to. I have several girlfriends on the side. I don’t need this bullshit.

So, what happened? I had to get my shit together. I figured out the right way to hookup with local girls.
You have to look for women who are not crazy. That’s right, you look at the profile and make sure that chick
is not bat shit crazy and you’re good to go. That one small tip revolutionized my life. Now I can get my dick
sucked and I can have a bitch put her pussy in my face without having to worry that she will turn into Glenn Close or
Sharon Stone. I hope you understand that reference. So anyways, that’s my nugget of wisdom for all you young studs out there.
Hooking up locally is not a problem if you do it right.

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